At the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) we strive to diversify the field by encouraging girls in grades K-12 to capture the spirit of innovation and open their eyes and minds to a rewarding profession.  That’s what we aspire to – and that’s what our outreach activities are about.

Check out the SWE National Outreach Website for educator resources, upcoming programs, and online activities for girls.

If you are interested in having SWE-OC help with your Outreach Event, be a speaker or panelist during your event, or want to help plan an outreach event, please contact us via email at outreach@swe-oc.org and we can start providing support for your event!

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On-Going Opportunities

Virtual STEM Tutors
Join EnCorps STEM Teachers Program as a STEMx Tutor. EnCorps STEMx Tutors will provide academic assistance to underserved middle school students, under-performing in math, to help them pursue higher education, and secure jobs.

Program requirements are a bachelor’s degree and at least 1 year of hands-on STEM industry work experience or an advanced degree in a STEM field.  

For more information, please contact Tanja Schroeder (STEMx Program Recruiter) at tanja.schroeder@encorps.org or 760-905-9010.  STEMx Tutor Application 

Built By Girls Wave

Built By Girls is an innovative framework to connect STEM professionals with students ages 15-22 for mentorship, coaching, and development. They have 6 “Waves” a year where professionals are matched up with students for 3 sessions over 3 months. They provide the meeting platform and session guides to help your interactions be as productive as possible.

These relationships are so encouraging for the students, and energizing for professionals, as you become the face of the future for them in a way that helps them choose and stay in STEM fields.

Find out more on Built By Girls’ About Page.
Sign up here today at Built By Girls website

Contribute to SWENext SWEetWisdom Content

SWEet Wisdom is a monthly publication for SWENext high school students. Through each column, we hope to give high school students advice on topics ranging from choosing a college to staying confident ins stressful situations. All of the advice comes from collegiate and professional SWE members, and we could really use your help in growing our listserv of “advisors.” By signing up to be an advisor, you will receive an email once a month asking for your short response to the next month’s SWEet Wisdom question. Each month, we choose 3 responses to be featured in the newsletter. It’s super easy! Here is an example of a past column​

If you are interested in becoming a SWEet Wisdom Advisor, please fill out this short form to collect your name and email address. I would love to increase the breadth and diversity of our advisors!