Certificate of Merit

One of the objectives of SWE is to inform young women of the opportunities open to them in the fields of engineering and science and to encourage them to attain higher levels of education.  In support of this objective, the Orange County Section sponsors a Certificate of Merit Program.

​The Certificate of Merit is an achievement award presented to female students completing their junior year of high school.  The recipients are chosen by the faculty of the math and science departments and administration of their schools on the basis of their achievements in math and science, their character, and their desire for a future career in engineering, math or science.  The award consists of a certificate that can be recorded on college and scholarship applications.

Award Criteria

  • High school female junior or senior who has completed three years of science and three years of mathematics with distinction
  • High school junior or senior who has has achieved excellence in a science or math related activity such as a science fair, math contest, etc.

Nominations are solicited from teachers. Information for FY24 submissions is coming soon. Thank you for supporting the Certificate of Merit Program.